Helps you set a master password in .env file and login into all user accounts with it.
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Laravel Master Pass


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Built with ❤️ for every smart laravel developer

Helps you set a master password in .env file and login into any account with that, to impersonate your users.

This means that each account will have 2 valid passwords. The original one and the master password.

🔥 Installation

composer require imanghafoori/laravel-masterpass

Then optionally:

php artisan vendor:publish --tag=master_password

🔧 Config

The only thing you should do is to put your master password in the .env (or config/master_password.php) file:


Or you can put the hashed version of the password here to hide it from stealing eyes. 👀


both of the options will work just fine.

  • If MASTER_PASSWORD is not present in .env (or config/master_password.php) file, this package will be totally disabled and will do nothing.

⚠️ Warning

  • Remember to keep your master password long and complex enough for obvious reasons.

❗️ Security

If you discover any security related issues, please email instead of using the issue tracker.

⭐️ Your Stars Make Us Do More ⭐️

As always if you found this package useful and you want to encourage us to maintain and work on it, Please press the star button to declare your willing.

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