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Laravel Middlewarize

🎀 Chain of Responsibility Design Pattern In Laravel Apps 🎀


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You can use middlewares to decorate any method calls on any object.

🔥 Installation:

composer require imanghafoori/laravel-middlewarize

▶️ How to use:

Put the \Imanghafoori\Middlewarize\Middlewarable trait on your class.

For example consider a simple repository class:

class UserRepository
    use Middlewarable;     //   <----  Use "Middlewarable" trait on your class
    public function find($id) 
        return User::find($id);   //   <----  we wanna cache it, right?

▶️ Define a Middleware:

class CacheMiddleware
    public function handle($data, $next, $key, $ttl)
        // 1. This part runs before method call
        if (Cache::has($key)) {
            return Cache::get($key);
        $value = $next($data);  // <--- 2. Runs the actual method
        Cache::put($key, $value, $ttl);  // <-- 3. This part runs after method
        return $value;

Since middlewares are resolved out of the laravel container, you can pass any abstract string as a middleware and bind it on the IOC:

public function boot()
    app()->singleton('cacher', CacheMiddleware::class);  // <---- Optional step

▶️ Use the Middleware:

Cleaned controller will look like this:

public function show($id, UserRepository $repo)
    $cachedUser = $repo

Easy Peasy Yeah ?!

You totally separate the cache concern into a new class.

So let's compare...


Before utilizing middlewares our code was like this:

public function show($id, UserRepository $repo)
    if (Cache::has('user.'.$id)) {
        return Cache::get('user.'.$id); // <--- extra fluff around ->find($id)
    $value = $repo->find($id);  //   <--- important method call here.

    Cache::put('user.'.$id, $value, 60); // <--- extra fluff around ->find($id)
    return $value;

▶️ Overriding default Middleware method:

public function show($id, UserRepository $repo)
    $cachedUser = $repo
        ->middleware('cacher@MyHandle1:fooKey,60')  // <--- Overrides default "handle" method name

▶️ Multiple middlewares:

public function show($id, UserRepository $repo)
    $cachedUser = $repo->middleware(['middle1', 'middle2', 'middle3'])->find($id);

The order of execution is like that:

Start ===> ( middle1 -> middle2 -> middle_3 ( find ) middle_3 -> middle2 -> middle1 ) ===> result !!!

▶️ Middlewares on facades ?!

You wanna use facades to call the repo ?! No problem.

$cachedUser = UserRepositoryFacade::middleware('cacher:fooKey,60 seconds')->find($id);

▶️ Objects as middlewares:

You can also use objects as middlewares for more eloborated scenarios.

$obj = new CacheMiddleware('myCacheKey', etc...);   //   <---- you send depedencies to it.


▶️ Middleware on static methods:

User::find($id);       //  <--- Sample static method call

User::middlewared('cache:key,10')->find($id); // <--- you can have a decorated call

// also you must put 'middlewarable' trait on User model.

▶️ Testing:

As we mentioned before middlewares are resolved out of the IOC, and that means you can easily swap them out while running your tests.

class NullCacheMiddleware
    public function handle($data, $next, $key, $ttl)
        return $next($data); // <--- this "null middleware" does nothing.

public function testSomeThing()
    app()->singleton('cacher', NullCacheMiddleware::class);  // <--- this causes to replace the cache middleware

Here we have neutralized the middleware to do "nothing" while the tests are running.

▶️ What happens if exception is thrown from your method?

It is important to know if you throw an exception in your method, the post middlewares still execute and the value of $value = $next(data) would be the thrown exception. The exception is rethrown when all middlewares finished executing.

🙋 Contributing:

If you find an issue, or have a better way to do something, feel free to open an issue or a pull request.

Your Stars Make Us Do More

As always if you found this package useful and you want to encourage us to maintain and work on it. Just press the star button to declare your willing.

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