Fresh specs for RHEL-based and RHED-derived distributions (CentOS, Amazon Linux AMI)
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Fresh specs for RHEL-based and RHEL-derived distributions (CentOS, Amazon Linux AMI)

Brush up

Put in your /etc/mock/site-defaults.cfg

config_opts['scm_opts']['method'] = 'git'
config_opts['scm_opts']['git_get'] = "bash -c 'git clone SCM_BRN git:// SCM_PKG && mv SCM_PKG/sources/* SCM_PKG/'"
config_opts['scm_opts']['spec'] = 'specs/SCM_PKG.spec'
config_opts['scm_opts']['git_timestamps'] = False
config_opts['scm_opts']['ext_src_dir'] = '/tmp/sources'

Then download sources from specs. You may pick one or more specfiles.

./helpers/ specs/*.spec 

Then build a package of your dream.

mock --scm-enable  --scm-option package=python-pip -v

After the build yo may use ./helpers/ to build the repo and publish it to Amazon S3:

echo 'export YUM_S3_BUCKET=name-of-the-bucket' >> ~/.bashrc
source ~/.bashrc