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About try-try

"try-try" ([traıtraı]) is our audacious attempt to create a framework for writing "try-whatever" webservices.

There is a lot of services, aiming to teach you some brand-new buzzy languages, technologies, database engines, etc. We want to make one step further and teach you how to teach others. Therefore, if you're geeky, have a beard and have just invented a new programming language, this project is for you.

What we propose:

  • A Django-based application providing the interface for potential users of your new exciting language/technology/whatever
  • A framework and a comprehensive set of rules that you can easily apply to test your visitors.
  • A bunch of ready to use testflows, which you can use to start, play with, and write your own application on a basis of this code.
  • Unless we run out of time, a set of shiny badges and connection with social networks will be at the service of your happy visitors.

Visit our documentation page at http://try-try.readthedocs.org/ and enjoy our sample installation at http://try-try.me/ . Yes, there you can get root access to Ubuntu distribution for free!

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