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###Food Collector game

  • This is a guessing game using numbers where the player will guess with numbers.
  • There will be four food displayed as buttons on the page.
  • The player will be shown a random number at the start of the game.
  • When the player clicks on a food it will add a specific amount of points to the player's total score.
  • The player wins the game if their total score matches the random number and the player loses the game if their total score goes above the random number.
  • The amount of points each food adds is not shown to the player, but their total score is displayed and updated after each food is clicked.
  • The number of games won and lost will be displayed.
  • If the player successfully matches their total score to the random number they get 1 win, if the player's total score is above the random number the player get 1 loss, either way the game restarts.
  • When the game is restarted, the player will be shown a new random number, all the food will now have 4 different hidden values, and the player's total score is reset to 0.

Game design note:

The random number shown at the start of the game should be between 19 - 120
Each food should have a random hidden value between 1 - 12

to run the game live

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