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TODO file for imapsync
Add an --exactsync option to remove target messages
that are not on source.
Read the IMAP RFC
Add debian packaging in the Makefile.
Write to the debian maintener about that.
Interface with external software like procmail
Look at
Talk about :
"I think notes is right but MS Eudora is bad with dates.
(netscape or thunderbird is ok with dates)
use the option --syncinternaldates "
Add usage about --regextrans2
To remove INBOX. in the name of destination folders :
--regextrans2 's/^INBOX\.(.+)/$1/'
Add cyrus link about INBOX. namespace
Look at
Look at comp.mail.imap
Explain expunge behavior
Add a --recurse option when --folder option is used.
DONE. Add --prefix1 option. Don't know what is the need exactly.
The need is to remove this prefix when building target folder names.
Respect the NAMESPACE behavior like the RFC.
DONE. Add in doc: Does imapsync support IMAP over TLS (IMAPS)?
DONE. Add the licence of each IMAP software (the free ones).
DONE. Add MailEnable version 1.54 if
Javier Gomez succeed. He failed.
MailEnable is an early stage developpment IMAP server.
DONE. Update doc with ALL options.
DONE. Think about speed.
DONE. Pb if "to separator" is in "from folder" name.
Have to choose a caracter != to separator and
not in from folders. The solution can be to
just exchange the two separator caracters.
DONE. Look at the separator() function in Mail::IMAPClient
DONE. Add SASL support MD5 : DIGEST-MD5 and CRAM-MD5
see authenticate in
Test the new Mail::IMAPClient (2.1.4 -> 2.2.6 or sup)
userdbpw -hmac-md5 | userdb userdb set hmac-md5pw
DONE. Add a --subscribe option to subscribe folders on the
destination server.
DONE. Add a --subscribed option to transfert only subscribed
folder on the source server.
DONE. Add a CREDITS file.
DONE. Pb with namespace INBOX. Some IMAP servers
don't have this CAPABILITY
DONE. Pb with date
DONE. Pb with \Recent flag
DONE. Add the list of tested IMAP servers (successes and failures).
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