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Gamutvision™ is a gamut viewer and much more. It is a powerful tool for learning color management, exploring its functions, and proofing color workflows. With Gamutvision you can

With Gamutvision you can

– View gamuts of color spaces, displays, and printers. – Visualize gamut mappings and rendering intents. – View color response for ANY saturation and lightness level, not just the gamut surface.
– Evaluate ICC profile quality. – Preview printer, paper, and photo lab performance using downloaded profiles.
– Analyze the performance of your printer using scanned test prints.
– See precisely how image colors will change when printed.

Who needs Gamutvision?

– Photographers: professional and prosumer – Manufacturers and reviewers of printers, papers, and profiles – Graphic arts studios and print shops – Students of photography and color management

Please vision the Gamutvision documentation page for more information.

Important files

  • source\gamutvision.m/.fig - main function for Gamutvision
  • source\gamake.m - The function used to compile Gamutvision
  • gamutvision_14.nsi - The NSIS installer script used to build the full installer for NSIS
  • Gamutvision-1.4.exe - A precompiled version of Gamutvision wrapped into an NSIS installer.


This version was built with MATLAB 6.5.1 (R13 SP1) with only 32-bit *.dll libraries with the licensing system removed. It was tested with 32-bit MATLAB 2015a, but there is a bit of work needed in order to get Gamutvision running on a more modern version of MATLAB and hence Windows.


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