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Experimental BuddyPress plugin to provide an alternative control to group admins on their public groups
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Allow Group Admins having the 'upload_files' capability to attach fil…

…es in their group's custom front page

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Alternative Public Group Control

Experimental plugin to give more "control" to group admins on their public group. Public groups can become a bit more "protected" and can require a user :

  • to join the group to be able to see all areas of the group
  • to send a membership request to be able to join the group

Group Admins can create a custom group's front page to inform a "not yet" member about their group. They can also control the group's components that will be displayed to "non members".

You can watch a demo of it here

Required Configurations

  • Built in WordPress 4.0-alpha-28611, should be ok with 3.9.1
  • Built in BuddyPress 2.1-alpha, should be ok with 2.0.1


  • Before activating the plugin, make sure all the files of the plugin are located in /wp-content/plugins/altctrl-public-group.
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