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Using Entrepôt

Thanks to Entrepôt you can enjoy an alternative source of public & free Themes that are hosted on Once activated, you will be able to browse, install, activate and upgrade the registered themes directly from your WordPress Administration.

Browsing the Entrepôt

To browse the Entrepôt you need to open the "Add Themes" WordPress Administration Screen. If you use a multisite configuration, you need to do this at the Network Administration level.

The Entrepôt Tab

You will see an Entrepôt tab after the WordPress ones. Click on it to browse registered themes.

Alternatively, you can browse Entrepôt registered themes from the customizer by activating the Entrepôt's Themes checkbox.

The Entrepôt Checkbox

Install an Entrepôt registered theme

This process can be achieved within the Entrepôt tab of the "Add Themes" Administration screen or from the change Themes section of the Customizer.

Simply click on the "Install" button of the theme you wish to download into your /wp-content/themes directory. Once the download is complete, the "Install" button will be edited for an "Activate" button.

Activate an Entrepôt registered theme

You can alternatively activate the theme from the "Themes" Administration screen by clicking on the "Activate" link, from the Entrepôt tab of the "Add Themes" Administration screen by clicking on the "Activate" blue button or from the Customizer by clicking on the "Live Preview" blue button before confirming with a click on the "Activate and Publish" top blue button of the Customizer's sidebar.

Upgrading a theme

Themes screen

Just like any theme, you can upgrade an Entrepôt theme from the "Themes" Administration screen or the "Upgrade" Administration screen.

If you wish to contribute to a theme, you can display the theme details by clicking on the "View details" link of the theme's card into the "Themes" Administration screen.

View on GitHub

You will open this modal window. At the bottom left of it you will find the "View on GitHub" button you can click to reach the theme's GitHub repository.

Flagging an Entrepôt theme.

In this modal window, you will also find a "Flag" red button. You can use this button to inform me the theme is not playing nice. This can happen in the following cases:

  • A security issue,
  • Rude behaviors (eg: spamming, trolling, sharing pornographic material, etc..),
  • Prohibited by law behaviors,
  • Paid services, freemiums.

I'll check your flag and eventually remove the theme from the Entrepôt.