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2 1 Using GitHub Releases

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GitHub releases to archive your stable tags.

Entrepôt is using the GitHub releases feature to perform installs and upgrades. So you'll need to use it and add each stable tag of your plugin, theme or block as a new GitHub release. If you are not familiar with this, i advise you to read this help resource.

NB: the description you will add to your release will be used by the Entrepôt when users will click on the on the "View version tag details" link of the Plugins, Themes, or Block Types WordPress Administration screens. I strongly advise you to write this description for each release.

Binding the WordPress ready archive file for your plugin, theme or block to your release

Before publishing your GitHub release, make sure to create an archive of your plugin the way the WordPress plugins, themes API expects it. For blocks as the Entrepôt is using its very own API, guess what, it's exactly the same as for Plugins or Themes : let's keep things as simple as possible. The name of this archive must have the same name than :

  • the folder of your plugin in /wp-content/plugins,
  • the folder of your theme in /wp-content/themes,
  • the folder of your block in /wp-content/blocks

For instance, each release of the Entrepôt plugin will contain a binded binary named

This zip file will be the one used by the Entrepôt to install and update your plugin, theme or block. Make sure to include it for each release.

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