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A Compass plugin which uses Sass color functions to hack color relationships.
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What is this?

Color Hacker is a handy little utility for helping you crack your color schemes using Sass color functions. Simply pass the hack-colors function a list of colors and it will return a set of color functions that show how all of the colors in the color scheme can be derived from the first color.


@debug(hack-colors(#cff09e #a8dba8 #79bd9a #3b8686 #0b486b));


$key: #cff09e;
$color-2: scale-color(adjust-hue($key, 36deg), $saturation: -43.367%, $lightness: -2.764%);
$color-3: scale-color(adjust-hue($key, 65deg), $saturation: -53.561%, $lightness: -22.111%);
$color-4: scale-color(adjust-hue($key, 96deg), $saturation: -46.923%, $lightness: -51.508%);
$color-5: scale-color(adjust-hue($key, 118deg), $saturation: 30.395%, $lightness: -70.352%);


Install the plugin:

gem install color-hacker

Add Color Hacker to your compass configuration file:

require 'color-hacker'


hack-colors accepts two variables.

  1. A space separated list of colors, e.g. (#fab #00face)
  2. Optional: A function type, scale or adjust. Defaults to scale.
// Debug passes output to the terminal
@debug(hack-colors(#beaf0c #deac0b));

// Return adjust-color functions
@debug(hack-colors(#beaf0c #deac0b, scale));


Copyright (c) 2008-2009 Brandon Mathis
All Rights Reserved.
Released under a slightly modified MIT License.

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