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2 parents 2bf719e + 52f452d commit be80c97e878c382df14ec18d7d7fc562bdd6a985 @imathis committed
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  1. +3 −3 lib/stylesheets/_fancy-buttons.sass
6 lib/stylesheets/_fancy-buttons.sass
@@ -48,11 +48,11 @@ $fb-line-height: 1.2em !default
=fancy-button-allow-disable($color: $fb-color, $font-size: $fb-font-size, $radius: $fb-radius, $border-width: $fb-border-width)
- $fb-disable-allowed: $fb-allow-disable
- $fb-allow-disable: true
+ $fb-disable-allowed: $fb-allow-disabled
+ $fb-allow-disabled: true
+fancy-button-structure($font-size, $radius, $border-width)
- $fb-allow-disable: $fb-disable-allowed
+ $fb-allow-disabled: $fb-disable-allowed
=fancy-button-matte($color: $fb-color, $font-size: $fb-font-size, $radius: $fb-radius, $border-width: $fb-border-width)
+fancy-button-structure($font-size, $radius, $border-width)

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