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Update `paginate_path` comment based on default value

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1 parent 9d0c54e commit 7e044b498e52303611407790d622e2b6cb22b0c0 @yous yous committed Jun 24, 2014
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@@ -42,7 +42,7 @@ rdiscount:
highlighter: pygments # default python pygments have been replaced by pygments.rb
paginate: 10 # Posts per page on the blog index
-paginate_path: "posts/:num" # Directory base for pagination URLs eg. /blog/page/2/
+paginate_path: "posts/:num" # Directory base for pagination URLs eg. /posts/2/
recent_posts: 5 # Posts in the sidebar Recent Posts section
excerpt_link: "Read on →" # "Continue reading" link text at the bottom of excerpted articles
excerpt_separator: "<!--more-->"

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