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When I generate pages.
An atom.xml is generated with following content at the first line.

<p>&lt;?xml version=&ldquo;1.0&rdquo; encoding=&ldquo;utf-8&rdquo;?>

And when I hit the browser I get an error:

This page contains the following errors:
error on line 1 at column 28: Entity 'ldquo' not defined
Below is a rendering of the page up to the first error.

My _config.yml file has this:

 subscribe_rss: /atom.xml
 root: /
 permalink: /blog/:year-:month-:day/:title/
 source: source
 destination: public    
 plugins: plugins
 code_dir: downloads/code
 category_dir: blog/categories
 markdown: rdiscount
     - autolink
     - footnotes
     - smart
 highlighter: pygments

I think I am aware that ' chars are changed to ldquo due to rdiscount smart extension. But If thats the case, I should not be getting the error on browser.
I am confused. Any help would be great.

If I remove 'smart' extension, then the generated atom.xml does not contain the &gt; , due to which it fails again and throws some other error.


Any idea guys? @imathis @parkr


@imathis @parkr
First off, I am grateful for the work you guys do. I am sure that others feel the same.
I know you would be busy in your other streams. But could you please take few seconds and comment in this issue.
Any direction would be grateful.

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