Liquid error: undefined method Syntax Highlighting Ubuntu Oneiric #243

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After upgrading into Ubuntu Oneiric, i found error syntax highlighting {% codeblock %} at my octopress blog :

 Liquid error: undefined method `join’ for #<String:0x00000001b65f70>  

This is because Liquid 2.3.0. So, i downgrade into Liquid 2.2.2 and solve this problem.

Somebody also facing this problem.

I post "How to develop Octopress on Ubuntu Oneiric" to help people avoid rake install error and syntax hightlighting.



fhemberger commented Oct 24, 2011

Thank you for pointing this out, I added the Liquid version to the Gemfile.

what can I do if I need to use liquid 2.3 because of jekyll?


fhemberger commented Jul 12, 2012

Try the following:
plugins/code_block.rb, line 67: Replace code = super.join with code = super.

The same error also exists in the blockquote plugin:
plugins/blockquote.rb, line 49: Replace quote = paragraphize( with quote = paragraphize(super.strip)

@fhemberger fhemberger reopened this Jul 12, 2012

Could you tell me what the problem is? Is the .map method deprecated?
btw I have to fix this one:

# Convert the entire content array into one large string
lines ="\n")

I fixed that particular plugin by changing that line to

lines = super

podblog commented Oct 26, 2012

Jon - that helped so much with something I struggled with all day. Thank you!

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