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from source/_includes/head.html

<meta name="description" content="{{ description | strip_newlines | strip_html | truncate:150 }}">


<meta name="description" content="                »___»___»___»___»___»___»___»___»___»___»___»___»___»___»___Tes     t Post2»_»___»___»___»___»___»___»___»___»___»___»___»___»___»___»___»___»___»___  Dec 21st, 2011»___»___»___»___»_     __»___»___»___»___»___»___»___»___»___»___»___»___»___»___»___»___»___»___»___»___»___Test Post 2This&#8230;. is a      test postithasa ...">

each »___ represents a tab.

There are thee problems there

  1. there is a lot of whitespace before the first piece of text and throughout the rest of it (extra tabs and spaces)
  2. at the end you see "test postithasa" that's coming from an unordered list. that looked like the one below. The problem is that whatever processing has happened to it has squished all the list items together creating a nonsense word which doesn't help search engines at all.
  3. the description for the public/index.html probably should not be the same as the description on an individual page. Instead it should be a description of the site.

the list that was concatenated

  • it
  • has
  • a list

Ugh. Good find.


In 2.1 We're no longer reading content into the meta description. It was a bad idea.

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