Double subdirectories #387

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I'm following but octopress is giving me two of my requested subdirs in the paths it generates.

my _config.yml includes:

root: /foobar

This gives me URLs like http://localhost:4000/foobar/foobar/2012/01/19/post_name/

Am I missing something, or is this a bug?


What OS/Shell are you running? Are you saying I can run rake set_root_dir[foobar] to recreate this?


Aha. Looking at this again fresh, I see where I got confused -- I started out using the dir 'blog', and the default permalink setting of /blog/:year/:month/:day/:title/ was leading to URLs like /blog/blog/2012... I have no memory of doing a search and replace that would've changed the permalink setting to /foobar, but it looks like I must have. Sorry!

So, no bug. One suggestion that might help anyone in the same boat: something could be added to suggesting that one might want to update the permalink, category_dir, and pagination_dir variables appropriately, too.

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