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alberto commented Mar 3, 2012

The archives path seems to be hardcoded to 'blog/archives'. I don't use 'blog' anywhere in my paths, and I would like to set it to 'archives'.

teiko commented Mar 4, 2012

Would be nice indeed


Agree. On my site Octopress is deployed under /blog, thus the archives path becomes /blog/blog/archives, not very pretty.

gpessia commented Apr 15, 2012



Yeah, this would be awesome

orenyk commented May 8, 2012

If you look in octopress/source, you can see that there is a folder blog that contains another folder archives. From what I can tell, Jekyll will render the index.html file in the archives folder wherever you put it. So, for example, if you want it to simply be in {blog-url}/archives instead of {blog-url}/blog/archives, simply place the index.html file in octopress/source/archives and re-generate the blog. This is definitely a bit of a hack, but it should work (just don't forget to change the links in the template files, e.g. source/index.html and source/_includes/custom/navigation.html, or wherever else you link to the archives). Hope this helps!

EDIT: don't forget to commit the deletions if you remove the original folders, otherwise the original link (e.g. {blog-url}/blog/archives will still show the old archives.


@orenyk that is a workaround, but I would prefer to have support for renaming the archive location.

Currently it is quite silly, I have a blog at ~username/blog and the archives are ~username/blog/blog/archives which makes me look dumb ;) Applying your workaround for now.

oblitum commented Jul 2, 2012

I'd like that too!!, gonna apply the workaround now. I have the same /blog/blog/ issue =/

oblitum commented Jul 7, 2012

@orenyk @Leonidas-from-XIV, well, this workaround has not helped me... after rake deploy I had got the same \blog\blog\ =(.


Did you do rake generate before (not sure if it gets run automatically)? You might want to delete your target directory, so there's no stale blog/blog folder laying around.

oblitum commented Jul 7, 2012

@Leonidas-from-XIV Yes, I've done, I've not deleted the target directory, but the deploying process visibly deleted, what I've got with the workaround was that the arquives url wasn't at /blog/blog/archives/, it was right at /blog/archives/, but the end posts remained at /blog/blog/. My file structure:, and my blog posts:


But this bug is about archives, so you applied this workaround properly. You also need to edit _config.yml to remove blog/ from the permalink. Octopress really, really likes this blog prefix.

oblitum commented Jul 7, 2012

@Leonidas-from-XIV hmmm, thanks, I'll look into that.

oblitum commented Jul 7, 2012

@Leonidas-from-XIV thanks, worked =)


Is there any news?


@mariosangiorgio Not yet, AFAIK.

imathis commented Dec 8, 2012

In 2.1 the default path will be /archives. This isn't something which is easy to configure in _config.yml because files have to be moved.

@parkr parkr closed this Dec 17, 2012

Any update on supporting this feature?

parkr commented Feb 8, 2013

See what @imathis wrote above. It's not something we can reasonably support with a config, but you can move around your archive files in source to your liking.


Yup, thanks. The hack worked for me. Was just wondering if the config was closer to being final :-)
On Feb 8, 2013, at 6:13 PM, Parker Moore wrote:

See what @imathis wrote above. It's not something we can reasonably support with a config, but you can move around your archive files in source to your liking.

Reply to this email directly or view it on GitHub..

parkr commented Feb 9, 2013

Cool. Yeah, it's not possible to be a config, so it can't even be considered.

manzoid commented Oct 9, 2013

I know this issue is marked as closed, but just wanted to add a vote for the archive location being configurable in a future version.


👍 to making it configurable

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