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Twitter feed always showing "Status Updating" #472

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I'm using a shared network environment, with a few computers under the same public IP.

When I visit any Octopress sites with the Twitter sidebar enabled, the twitter feed is always showing "Status Updating".

Digging down with Safari's Debug menu, it appears there's an error:

GET 400 (Bad Request)

Any suggestions?


You can visit other sites like wordpress with a Twitter sidebar and use your Safari's Debug menu check this problem again. This may be the rate limit of the twitter api.

We apply requests to rate limits in the following ways:
Rate limits for authenticated requests are applied to the user.
Rate limits for unauthenticated requests are applied to the IP that we see.

If your application is being rate-limited by the REST API it will receive HTTP 400 response codes.

Try to check these two documents Rate Limiting , Rate Limiting FAQ


Thanks, lowstz.

After reading the docs, I can confirm it's rate limiting by inspecting the response header:


Problem is, this issue happens to all octopress based websites, including
Any way to get around it?


Follow up:

Tried a Wordpress site with twitter sidebar and it works just fine. So this is an Octopress-only issue.


The wordpress site with twitter sidebar using twitter api url is different octopress site.
Can you switch other ip address(use webproxy, vpn or other method) to visit some octopress site again.
I don't know how to reproduce this problem.


I tested with three different connections: home, company and tethering with iPhone.
Only tethering works.

Guess it happens when you access an Octopress site with a shared (public) internet connection (and the Rate Limit is easily exceeded).
But it is still a problem: all those under a shared network won't be able to view the twitter feeds.


I'm also having problems with this on a university wifi network. Initial response is endless "Updating status" until the rate limit clock resets. Would using the streaming API fix the issue?


I've rejiggered the Twitter plugin to use jQuery.ajax() in 2.1. In my local testing I can't reproduce this issue any more so I hope to have fixed it, though when I visit octopress sites on the web, it's a hit or miss whether their twitter feeds will load or not. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't. Hopefully this update will fix it.

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