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not support ordered lists(markdown) with code blocks #488

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when i want a ordered lists with markdown, if add some code blocks, is don't work as normal. like:



The Stackoverflow editor, which also uses Markdown, could maintain the ordered list correctly, but the codeblock (4 spaces ahead) will not be recognized. I think this is due to the Markdown parsers.


Yes, this is due to the markdown parser. It sees the code block and breaks the list. You can make it work by using standard HTML tags. It's not as nice, but this is a limitation of the markdown parser.

@imathis imathis closed this

@imathis thanks for your advice.


@imathis I must admit that this is a sore point for me too. Do you think that integration of redcarpet v2 with Octopress would resolve the issue as it's the same library used at Github which works correctly with code blocks in lists? If so, are there any plans to support it? :)

@VincentTam VincentTam added a commit to VincentTam/ that referenced this issue
@VincentTam VincentTam Added a new post on Octopress's markdown syntax
This post is a link to imathis/octopress#488

Got the same issue. Can we fix the markdown parser?

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