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category_dir/index.html is not generated #553

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There is no index.html generated in the category_dir. This directory is populated with category names, where each contains the corresponding index.html file.

Is this by design? If not, could it be fixed, because I get the directory listing when I enter http://mywebsite/blog/categories.


That's weird because I get a 404 when I check for categories going to the link


@DarkSector that is because your server is set to prevent directory listings. Mine is set to allow them. Either way, having no category list bugs me :)


Well I use Github for serving the pages, so I wonder if there's a way to allow them and yes, it bugs me to that there is no category listing.


Since people can specify any directory for categories I'd rather not write the code to spit out a bunch of blank html files. For example some people are publishing their category directories to the root so you'd get In that case you wouldn't want to write out an index.html. Managing all the conditional circumstances isn't something I want to write or maintain. You could use the same argument to suggest I add index.html files to every directory where there isn't one. That's just not a road I want to go down.

@knl You should be able to get what you're after by running echo "" > source/blog/categories/index.html. This will add a blank index.html to your categories directory.

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