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Theora/OGV video support #931

Ypnose opened this Issue · 0 comments

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Hi there,
Do you plan to support .ogv files?
I tried to use video tag {% video url/to/video [width height] [url/to/poster] %} but it seems only .mp4 is supported.
I'm unable to integrate my videos. I can use html5 video tag but it could be good to modify your plugin.

@imathis imathis closed this in 8bf09b1
@chrisperelstein chrisperelstein referenced this issue from a commit in chrisperelstein/octopress
@imathis Video tag plugin now supports mp4,ogv,webm formats, closes #931 ef91190
@antifuchs antifuchs referenced this issue from a commit in antifuchs/octopress
@antifuchs antifuchs Merge branch 'master' of into bo…

* 'master' of (29 commits)
  improved regexes for setup_github_pages task
  Removed unnecessary passive group from octopress origin regex
  setup_github_pages: allow for clones missing .git extension
  Video tag plugin now supports mp4,ogv,webm formats, closes #931
  Striped whitespace from titles in blockquote plugin
  Fixed blockquote plugin (author alone would not show up without title)
  Improved error message for category_generator plugin. Addresses #116
  updated ender.js to latest
  Escape github repo descriptions, as they may contain HTML.
  removed accidentally added file
  Rake task new_post now accepts titles through stdin This should help resolve issues for zsh users and make it easier to enter titles which freak out Rake's argument processing
  updated gems
  Removed unnecessary regex in code block plugin
  Titles in code plugins can have slashes in them. Closes #892
  gist tag plugin now works with the latest changes GitHub gists and does not fail if you do not specify a filename.
  Rakefile option for any additional rsync arguments
  Fixing English error pet-peeve.
  To support url without domain name like /path/file
  Disabled Rsync delete by default. Closes #787

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