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This is similar to categories, so much so that I wasn't sure if I should make a pull request or not. However, I did create a tag cloud aside that I've included. "tags" metadata is already included in Jekyll, so this wasn't much of a stretch to add. The only thing missing is the scss definition to make the classes in the cloud slightly bigger based on the popularity (rank-1 though rank-5), but it's easy enough to add.


Thanks for the pull request. I'll have a look over the next couple of days. (I'm just getting back into things after being out of town)


I think this would be nice functionality to have. It would be easy enough to just add this (or another tag plugin) but supporting it by Octopress directly would be pretty nice.


spaces in URL should be also replaced with dash.
without it we will get a %20 in urls for multiword tags and 404 errors.
For example:
tags: [foo bar, lorem impus]
will cause urls http://site.domain/tag/foo%20bar, but in tag directory we have a foo-bar folder.

I have fixed it on my blog with:
s << "<a href='/#{dir}/#{sorted[index][0].gsub(/_|\W/, '-')}'>#{sorted[index][0]}</a>"
as in tag_generate.rb


If I may ask, what is the status of this pull.?


Would be nice to hear about the state +tedkulp


Adding this to master would be AWESOME! I merged it manually to my source as tags are a must in most blog posts and navigation. @tedkulp Thanks for the hard work! BTW there are few missed changes in the pull request in the sass dir that you added for styling the css for posts in sass/partials/_blog.scss. Not sure if that was intentionally excluded or not.


I submitted a pull request for this branch with few fixes in the code as well as added the missing tag cloud style elements into the css build tree so the tag cloud renders the tags by size relative to the main text.


Sorry I missed the pull request and this comment. It's merged in my branch now.


And now I realized that the auto-merge stuck it in the wrong branch. Will fix soon. Haven't had a ton of free time lately.


Small Question, shouldn't there be a change to the Rakefile for rake new_post to have a tags-definition like the categories one?
And _config.yml should have tag_title_prefix: Tag for changing the string used before the tag name in the page title ?


Needs to be tag.to_s.gsub to handle tags that are entirely numeric, otherwise "undefined method `gsub' for 1234:Fixnum (NoMethodError)" is thrown.


This is not something I would use, but I'm sure many would. I'd prefer not to merge it into the framework, but if you'd like to create a repo or gist for it and link to it from the 3rd party plugins page that would be great.

@imathis imathis closed this May 23, 2012

Was this ever turned into a plugin?


If it was, it should be listed on the page linked to in @imathis's comment above.

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