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This migrator:

  1. Creates local copies of imathis/octopress (branch 2.1, or updated master)
  2. Copies the appropriate files and directories from the current directory to the new clone ( HANDLE OVERWRITE CONFLICTS? )
    • .git
    • Plugins which are not present in 2.1
    • source
    • sass
    • .themes/* - .themes/classic
  3. Collect configs and write to new config structure
  4. Removes the local Octopress installation and replaces it with the new clone and modified files
  5. Moves the new clone with the modified files to the location of the old Octopress installation

This should ensure the migration of the current Octopress installation to v2.1.

@parkr parkr referenced this pull request Jan 6, 2013

Beginnings of the migrator #889

parkr added some commits Jan 6, 2013
@parkr parkr Added old migrator with some tweaks. Needs to be flipped. 10f3a46
@parkr parkr Migrator: reworking the tmp directories. 9020c24
@parkr parkr Migrator: fixed variable name for OCTO_GIT and OCTO_CONFIG_DEST 522f733
@parkr parkr Migrator: cloning the default configs into the current octopress inst…
…allation directly
@parkr parkr Migrator: removing extraneous "}" e29c368
@parkr parkr New name for new octopress directory b866218
@parkr parkr Using new new octopress dir name 227c796
@parkr parkr Renaming of the directories for understanding of the direction 03b5e79
@parkr parkr Renaming helper functions in usage 7076cb0
@parkr parkr Ensuring that the 2.1 stuff is being used (REMOVE ONCE 2.1 HAS BEEN M…
@parkr parkr Copying .git directory from old to new 29515ac
@parkr parkr Removing unnecessary files and directory in the new _config folder eeb4443
@parkr parkr Moving new to old directory a5647e9
@parkr parkr Added colon to error output f3486d5
@parkr parkr read_yaml helper function a58827c
@parkr parkr No longer necessary to copy over new .themes/classic to old 62d1924
@parkr parkr Reflecting change of migration direction in Rakefile, Gemfile and con…
…fig migration
@parkr parkr Using read_yaml helper method 69ea9a0
@parkr parkr Fixed syntax error d178a7a
@parkr parkr migrate custom themes 7fd48b9
@parkr parkr migrate plugins comment 7ffb9ed
@parkr parkr Ensuring that the new_octo_dir will not exist by appending date 9ec32e8
@parkr parkr Migrating configs 0809a8e
@parkr parkr The new config layout will be merged into 2.1 23a72ab
@parkr parkr Migrating plugins not in 2.1 d5e43b5
@parkr parkr migrating 'source' and 'sass' 9b59940

@imathis This seems to be just about it!


What's the word on this? I've been using Octopress 2.0 for about 2 years now. I'm not sure if I should wait to migrate to 2.1 or 3.0 or ...? Maybe some updates to the Octopress site that just let us know what you guys are thinking would be helpful?


@imathis is working on a document for the future of Octopress.


I'd recommend sticking with 2.0 for now until we have an official release of release candidate.

@parkr parkr closed this Aug 31, 2014
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