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3rd party plugins

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Disclaimer: These plugins are maintained only by their authors. This list is maintained by the community and inclusion does not equate endorsement.

Other lists of plugins



Asset pipelines

  • jekyll-assets - Rails-alike assets pipelines for Jekyll/Octopress
  • Jekyll Asset Pipeline - Powerful asset pipeline that collects, converts and compresses JS and CSS assets

Content management

  • AWS S3 Image Tag - An octopress plugin to upload files to AWS S3 account and Provide a tag to reference the files in your views.
  • Octopress Gallery - manipulate images (resize & thumbnailing) and easily create image lists based on folder structure
  • jekyll-toc-generator - Liquid filter to generate Table of Content into Jeklyll pages. Demo
  • Images with captions - Adds imgcap to display images with a caption below it.

Embedding content

Navigation & organization

  • Asset Path Tag - Allows organisation of assets into subdirectories by outputting a path for a given asset file relative to the current post or page.
  • Calendar plugin - Shows a calendar with navigable months and the dates on which posts are available link to the posts page.
  • category-tree - Plugin to organize categories in a tree
  • Extra Post Filters - Plugins to filter collections of posts.
  • group-categories - Plugin to group categories
  • Indexer for Octopress - A tool for Octopress to automatically generate IDs in heading tags and index list aside. It helps you easily build a tutorial page with many chapters. See Demo.
  • List by Author - Plugin to generate listing of posts by author. Also provides a Liquid filter for adding links for author to the listing page.
  • Octopress Category List - This is a plugin based on Octopress Tag Cloud, it fixed for utf-8, and use category_cloud instead of tag_cloud.
  • Octopress Tag Cloud - A simple tag cloud and category list in the sidebar for Octopress.
  • octopress-culumnus - 3D rotating tagcloud for Octopress, ported from WP-cumulus. UPDATE: This plugin is now updated to handle creation of Tag clouds also.Find the updates plugin here also octopress-culumnus
  • Popular Posts - Plugin which generates a popular posts asides section. Popularity is calculated based on page rank.
  • QR-Code - Aside that shows QR-Code-image of each page/post in the sidebar.
  • Related posts - A plugin to show related posts in an aside.
  • Post Revision - A plugin to show each post's revision history from git repo. See demo page (at the end of post)
  • octopress-wp_cumulus_for_tagcloud - A plugin for visualization of 3D Flash tag cloud for octopress




  • Footnote Inline - Inline footnotes like Latex's footnote.
  • octopress-gemoji - Provide a tag for Gemoji.
  • Highlights - To highlight source code in an HTML document using SHJS for Jekyll.
  • Highlight - A plugin to highlight a piece of text.
  • keyboardkey - Provide "key" tag for the easy writing way of keyboard like symbol.
  • Octemoji - Use emoji on your Octopress
  • Readability - Readability support for Octopress
  • Ribbonp - A Octopress plugin to output p block with pure css ribbon.
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