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How to change commit author for deployment git repository?

Since _deploy directory is handled by an individual git repository, when you want a different git author/committer than the system/global one(usually defined in ~/.gitconfig), you need to go to _deploy directory and type these command:

$ git config user.name "NEW NAME"
$ git config user.email "NEW EMAIL"

Feel free to change "NEW NAME" and "NEW EMAIL" with your desired one. And remember do these before your run $ rake deploy at first time, then you can see these setting effective under your git repository.

Further, you can also set another different pair of name/email for your source repository, just repeat steps above under your Octopress's root directory.

Is Octopress's Disqus plugin compatible with the new Disqus 2012 format?

6 August 2012: The existing Octopress Disqus plugin works with Disqus 2012 and no problems have been reported.

How do I keep Octopress, Ruby, and gem versions synchronized?

6 August 2012: The most complete solution is to use rbenv with the bundler plugin. You should follow the installation and configuration instructions for rbenv and then follow the Octopress configuration instructions. If you do not have the correct version of Ruby, be sure to follow these instructions.

A unsupported alternative is to modify the .../octopress/Gemfile.lock file. For example, if the version of Octopress that you are using specifies the 3.1.18 version of the sass gem but you have the 3.1.20 version of the gem installed, you can change the required version in the Gemfile.lock. NOTE: While this solution is expected to work, we cannot provide support for modified versions of Octopress.

Using Non-ASCII Characters In Your Blog

From issue 729, adding these two environment variables

export LC_CTYPE = en_US.UTF-8
export LANG = en_US.UTF-8

will fix the problem for UTF characters.

Will Octopress support tags?


  1. Category support is built in to Jekyll. Tags are not.
  2. Using categories is straightforward and one type of taxonomy should be enough.
  3. "Should this be a category or a tag" is a waste of a writer's time.
  4. Creating tag index pages adds time to generation.
  5. Tag clouds look like SEO vomit.

Why isn't Octopress a gem?

6 August 2012: Octopress didn't start out as a gem. Converting it to a gem requires additional effort. Converting Octopress to a gem is in our plans but has not yet been targeted for a specific release. We are doing our best to weigh the effort and benefits of converting Octopress to a gem vs. adding new features and fixing bugs in the existing Octopress installation.

Misc Questions Discussed In Issues

  • How do I use images from my repository in my Octopress blog. See issue 701.
  • How can I host 2 or more Octopress blogs in one domain. See issue 708 and Gist 3734671.