System requirements

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Before you can begin writing posts for your brand new Octopress blog, you'll need to ensure that your system has the appropriate packages installed.

For all systems, ensure that you have a recent version of Ruby installed (ideally this should be 1.9.3 or above, as this is what is mandated in the .rvmrc and .rbenv-version files.) You may want to consider using a tool like rbenv or rvm to manage your installed rubies---this will be more convenient and will likely result in quicker updates than waiting for your distribution's maintainers to push new versions to their repositories.


sudo apt-get install ruby-dev 


sudo yum install ruby-devel


OS X ships with an outdated version of Ruby (as of Mountain Lion it is 1.8.7) so you will need to install a newer version. See the note above about installing a tool like rbenv or rvm in order to use a newer version.