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SFL - the iMatix Standard Function Library (1990s version)
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SFL -- Standard Function Library

SFL is the iMatix Standard Function Library, which is: (a) a portability layer for C, across Unix, Windows, etc; and

(b) a library of base functions useful for building real software

It was developed stand alone throughout the 1990s, and then later incorporated directly into iMatix products such as the Xitami webserver. It became a key part of the iMatix "base" in the early 2000s and was not released separately after that.

The original license for SFL is in src/license.txt. Briefly it allows usage under the GNU General Public License, the Perl Artistic License, or with a advertising clause. See src/license.txt for details.

On 2016-04-29 it was also released under the MPLv2 (license text), so SFL can be used under either GPLv2, the Perl Artistic license, a license with an advertising clause or the MPLv2.

This repository contains the last SFL source, binaries,and documentation released in a stand alone version, retrieved from:

on 2016-04-27.

See the documentation for more information.


The pub directory contains the released artefacts (binaries, source archives, etc) which are still retrievable; if older releases artefacts are found they may be added later. Due to their small size (well under 1MB each), and the fact that development ceased many years ago (so there will not be growth in the archive), these are added directly into the git repository.


The src directory was created from the unpacked contents of pub/src/sflsrc21.tgz, for ease of reference. To this the sfldoc*.txt files and *.def files were added from an early 2000 build directory, with approximately the equivalent documentation version.

The build scripts were built with otto from src/buildsfl.txt. Building the documentation requires srcdoc and htmlpp.


The website directory contains the rendered documentation. This is approximately equivalent to the contents of pub/doc/sfldoc21.tgz, but was taken directly from

The documentation was built (with htmlpp) from a marked up text file. src/sfldoc.txt, src/sfldoc1.txt and src/sfldoc2.txt contain approximately equivalent source for the documentation, taken from an early 2000 build directory. These should rebuild to similiar documentaton but it may not be exactly identical.