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# Broker peering simulation (part 1)
# Prototypes the state flow
package require zmq
# First argument is this broker's name
# Other arguments are our peers' names
if {[llength $argv] < 1} {
puts "Usage: peering1.tcl me ?you ...?\n"
exit 1
set self [lindex $argv 0]
puts "I: preparing broker at $self"
expr {srand([pid])}
# Prepare our context and sockets
zmq context context
zmq socket statebe context PUB
statebe bind "ipc://$self-state.ipc"
# Connect statefe to all peers
zmq socket statefe context SUB
statefe setsockopt SUBSCRIBE ""
foreach peer [lrange $argv 1 end] {
puts "I: connecting to state backend at '$peer'"
statefe connect "ipc://$peer-state.ipc"
# Send out status messages to peers, and collect from peers
proc handle_incoming {} {
set peer_name [statefe recv]
set available [statefe recv]
puts "$peer_name - $available workers free"
proc send_random {} {
global self
set data [expr {int(rand()*10)}]
statebe sendmore $self
statebe send $data
after 1000 send_random
statefe readable handle_incoming
vwait forever
statebe close
statefe close
context term
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