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#! /bin/bash
# Creates _template pages in each language category
echo "[[module CSS]]" > _template.wd
echo ".foldedtoc #toc #toc-action-bar { display: none }">> _template.wd
echo ".foldedtoc #toc .title { display: none; border: 0px solid black; }">> _template.wd
echo ".foldedtoc #toc { border: 0px solid black; margin: 0 0 0 -0,9em; }">> _template.wd
echo ".foldedtoc .collapsible-block-link { text-decoration:none }">> _template.wd
echo "[[/module]]">> _template.wd
echo "[[include include:print-css]]">> _template.wd
echo "[[# top]]">> _template.wd
echo "[[div class=\"foldedtoc\" style=\"border:1px black dashed;float:left;margin:10px\"]]">> _template.wd
echo "[[collapsible show=\"Table of Contents\" hide=\"Table of Contents\"]]">> _template.wd
echo "[[toc]]">> _template.wd
echo "[[/collapsible]]">> _template.wd
echo "[[/div]]">> _template.wd
echo "~~~~">> _template.wd
echo "%%content%%">> _template.wd
wdput zguide page _template "C Guide Template"
wdput zguide py _template "Python Guide Template"
wdput zguide lua _template "Lua Guide Template"
wdput zguide hx _template "Haxe Guide Template"
wdput zguide php _template "PHP Guide Template"
rm _template.wd
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