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Refactor zhelper's dump function.

- add asserts
- reuse zmq_msg between loops
- use zmq_msg_more instead of querying socket
- don't consider ascii char 127 (DEL) as printable text.
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@sonneveld sonneveld authored
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Ada Replace old XREP and XREQ examples with ROUTER and DEALER
Basic Improved code blocks throughout text.
C# Minor fixes
C++ Add lbbroker2.cpp
C Refactor zhelper's dump function.
CL Edited Chapter 4
Clojure Added README to Clojure project
Delphi Rebuilt whole Guide
Erlang Edited Chapter 4
F# Edited Chapter 4
Felix Added Felix README file
Go Add three examples in Go for Chapter 3, including peering1/2/3.go
GoCZMQ port taskvent.go Go example to use GoCZMQ
Haskell Clean up chapter 2 Haskell examples
Haxe Problem: several sources claim LGPL license
Java fix problems with Java Node Coordination example
Julia add draft msreader, not working
Lua Edited Chapter 4
Node.js Implement asyncsrv from zguide in Node.js
OCaml Adding tasksink2 and taskwork2 to OCaml examples.
Objective-C Fix examples in CL, Closure, Haskell, Objective-C
PHP Update wuproxy.php
Perl fix Perl, Ruby, and C++ Node Coordination examples
Python Fix lbbroker[23].py for python2 and python3
Q Rewrote most of Chapter 3
Racket Updating examples for Planet 2 package system
Ruby fix Perl, Ruby, and C++ Node Coordination examples
Rust Add Rust sub-directory
Scala added example for lazy pirate server in Scala
Tcl Problem: several sources claim LGPL license
listings Work on Clone Server 4
models changed because of the fix in specs.gsl
ooc Improved code blocks throughout text.
ChangeLog Edited Chapter 4
LICENSE Fixed bool/Bool and other issues
build Added Common Lisp translations
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