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Repositext Kramdown

A customized parser/converter for repositext.

The parser class in lib/repositext/parser/repositext.rb contains the implementation of the special parser that is based on the kramdown parser.

If a document is parsed with it, the resulting document tree cannot be converted by an un-patched converter because of special elements.

Installation (while in development)

Follow these steps to install repositext:

  • Install Ruby 2.0 using rbenv or rvm.
  • Install the bundler gem: gem install bundler
  • Clone the repository from
  • Switch into the repositext directory: cd repositext
  • Install the required gems: bundle install


Use these commands to perform conversions:

Convert IDML files to kramdown

bundle exec batch_import_idml_files_to_at_files '../idml_files/*'

File Pattern

You can use file patterns to select which files you want to convert. You can use all features of Ruby's Dir.glob method.

When providing a relative file pattern, the current directory will be used as base directory.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When using glob patterns, it is important that you surround the pattern with quotes. Otherwise the shell will evaluate the pattern and you will likely only convert a single file (the first one that matches the pattern).

Special elements

repositext-kramdown adds the following elements to kramdown:

  • :gap_mark (%, span element, no content)
  • :subtitle_mark (@, span element, no content)
  • :record_mark (block element)

IDML and IDML story parsers

There is an IDML file parser in lib/repositext/parser/idml.rb and an IDML story file parser in lib/repositext/parser/idml_story.rb. The IDML file parser is not a kramdown parser like the IDML story file parser -- it just reads an IDML file, extracts the IDML story files and uses the IDML story file parser to parse them.

Note that the IDML story file parser needs to be supplied not with a whole IDML file but just with an IDML story file.

How to run specs

To run the entire spec suite:

bundle exec rake

or to run a single file:

bundle exec ruby spec/kramdown/parser/idml_story/regression_spec.rb


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