Feb 14, 2012
* **Added** loop.index0, loop.revindex, loop.revindex0, and loop.cycl…
…e [gh-48]

* **Added** init config `extensions` for 3rd party extension access in custom tags [gh-44]
* **Added** Whitespace Control [gh-46]
* **Changed** The `empty` tag in `for` loops is now `else` [gh-49]
* **Changed** `forloop` vars to `loop` closes [gh-47]
* **Fixed** `include` tag's `with` and `only` args documentation [gh-50]
Feb 8, 2012
* **Fixed** `parent` tag would not render when called within tags [gh…

* **Fixed** Documentation for forloop.index & forloop.key [gh-42]
* **Fixed** Errors when using `include` inside base template `block` tags [gh-43]
* **Fixed** Allow `set` tag to set values to numbers [gh-45]
* **Fixed** `set` tag for booleans using too many checks
Jan 29, 2012
* **Fixed** Allow object and array values to be accessed via context …
…variables [gh-40]
Jan 24, 2012
* **Fixed** Correctly reset autoescape after closing an autoescape ta…
…g. [paularmstronggh-39]
Jan 18, 2012
* **Fixed** Allow multi-line tags and comments. [gh-30]
Dec 30, 2011
* **Added** DateZ license to browser header, use link to underscore l…

* **Added** Timezone support in `date` filter [gh-27].
* **Added** New `raw` tag.
* **Changed** Swig is no longer node 0.4 compatible.
* **Fixed** Filter `date('f')` for 10am times.
* **Fixed** Filter `date('r')` returns in UTC date format. This is more correct tospec RFC2822, per [php.net/date](http://php.net/date).
* **Fixed** Filter `add` when adding numbers/numbers+strings together.
* **Fixed** Tests for error messages that changed in node >0.6.0.
Nov 4, 2011
* **Added** date filter formats `z`, `W`, `t`, `L`, `o`, `B`, and `c`.
* **Added** New `filter` tag.
* **Added** Node.js compatible 0.4.1 - 0.6.X
* **Added** Allow setting cache globally or per-template.
* **Changed** Removed `swig.render` and `swig.fromString`.
* **Changed** `swig.fromFile` is now `swig.compileFile`.
* **Changed** `swig.init()` will clear template cache.
* **Changed** `swig.init()` is now optional for browser mode with no custom settings.
* **Changed** Development dependencies are be more lenient.
* **Fixed** Parser will properly preserver '\' escaping. [gh-24]
* **Fixed** Rewrote tag argument parsing for proper space handling.
* **Fixed** Rewrote filter argument parsing. [gh-23]
* **Fixed** Allow pipe `|` characters in filter arguments. [gh-22]
Oct 6, 2011
* **Added** `make browser` will build Swig for use in major browsers.…
… [gh-3]

* **Changed** Allow overriding `escape` filters. [gh-19]
Oct 3, 2011
* **Fixed** chaining filters when the first takes a variable as an ar…
…gument will not crash parsing.
Oct 2, 2011
* **Added** `{% import foo as bar %}` tag for importing macros.
* **Added** Allow escaping for js in escape filter and autoescape tag.
* **Added** `raw` filter to force variable to not be escaped.
* **Added** `escape` and `e` filters to force variable to be escaped.
* **Added** Allow filters to accept any JS objects, arrays, strings, and context variables.
* **Changed** `if`, `else`, and `else if` tags support all JS-valid if-syntaxes + extra operators.
* **Fixed** `default` filter for undefined variables. closes gh-18