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(Version 2.8.0)

Simple-Matrix-Bot-Lib is a Python bot library for the Matrix ecosystem built on matrix-nio.

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simplematrixbotlib can be either installed from PyPi or downloaded from github.

Installation from PyPi:

python -m pip install simplematrixbotlib

Read the docs to learn how to install E2E encryption support.

Download from github:

git clone --branch master

Example Usage

# Example:
# randomuser - "!echo example string"
# echo_bot - "example string"

import simplematrixbotlib as botlib

creds = botlib.Creds("https://home.server", "echo_bot", "pass")
bot = botlib.Bot(creds)
PREFIX = '!'

async def echo(room, message):
    match = botlib.MessageMatch(room, message, bot, PREFIX)

    if match.is_not_from_this_bot() and match.prefix() and match.command("echo"):

        await bot.api.send_text_message(
            room.room_id, " ".join(arg for arg in match.args())

More information and examples can be found here.