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An Imbo client library for node.js and modern browsers
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Javascript client for Imbo

A Javascript (node/browser) client for Imbo.


imboclient-js can be installed using npm or bower:

# NPM:
npm install imboclient

# Bower:
bower install imboclient

Version note

Imbo 2.0 and up prefers imboclient-js >= 3.0.0

Imbo 1.0 and up requires imboclient-js >= 2.1.0

Imbo 0.3.3 and below requires imboclient-js <= 2.0.2

Basic usage

var Imbo = require('imboclient');
var client = new Imbo.Client({
    hosts: 'http://<hostname>',
    user: '<someUser>',
    publicKey: '<publicKey>',
    privateKey: '<privateKey>'

client.addImage('/path/to/image.jpg', function(err, imageIdentifier) {
    if (err) {
        return console.error('Oh no, an error occured: ' + err);

    console.log('Image added! Image identifier: ' + imageIdentifier);

    // Grab a transformed URL
    var url = client.getImageUrl(imageIdentifier)
        .maxSize({ 'width': 320 })
        .border({ 'color': 'BF1942', 'width': 4 });

    console.log('URL to transformed image: ' + url.toString());

    // Edit the metadata of the image
    client.editMetadata(imageIdentifier, {
        'title': 'Cat in the sun',
        'description': 'A cat relaxing in Santorini, Greece'

See the documentation for more details on how to use the client.


Documentation is available at

More examples

Check out the examples folder for a few intros on how to use the client.


Copyright (c) 2011-2015, Espen Hovlandsdal

Licensed under the MIT License

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