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Welcome to the PeopleAggregator wiki!

This is the unofficial source for all things about the PeopleAggregator social networking platform. This software is produced by Broadband Mechanics. The software is elderly, but going through a refactoring process currently.

The pages in the wiki are below in a sane order, and also on the right →


This is from the old wiki, we should update it!

PeopleAggregator 2.0 is a turnkey, customizable software platform for creating public and private social networks on the internet. It allows managers and web developers to quickly deploy and customize web sites that let users communicate, grow a social graph by inviting others, and establish relationships with other members; to publish content such as blog posts, images, and video, and comment on them; and to send personal messages, converse in public forums; and invite friends using email or through other social networks like Facebook.

The use of social networks like Facebook and MySpace has skyrocketed in recent years and the value of social networking software is increasingly clear. The greatest resource on the internet is other people.

While networks like Facebook are increasingly open and extensible, often a developer or business needs to own or control its own network, offering capabilities or privacy that aren’t met by those existing networks, and can’t really be added to those systems through say, a Facebook application – for example, due to issues of content ownership, privacy, government requirements, or fundamental differences in the way relationships and entities must be organized. PeopleAggregator provides ways to create, customize, and deploy such a network to your specifications.