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Releases: imbushuo/mac-precision-touchpad

Release 3979

02 Jun 11:03
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Introduce Bluetooth Support for Magic Trackpad 2

Introduce initial Bluetooth connectivity support for Magic Trackpad 2. Work is still in-progress so you might experience certain issues such as input lag or system crash. I've selfhosted it for several days and ironed a bunch of bugs out, but the issue list might not be exhaustive. Feel free to open a bug and provide crash dump securely so I can figure out what else needs to be resolved.

Battery status indicator and plug-and-pair (from USB to Bluetooth) are still work-in-progress, please wait patiently and I believe these will come to you soon.

Bluetooth: How to use

  • Install the driver as usual.
  • Then just go to Bluetooth settings and pair your trackpad.

Known Caveats

  • On certain systems such as Surface Pro X, first time Bluetooth connectivity might take a long time to finish (5-10 seconds.) Please wait patiently. A toast prompting "restart system" might show up, which is a false-positive message, and you can safely ignore that.
  • It doesn't work well with VMware workstation Bluetooth controller passthrough, and I don't think there's much I can do with VMware.

AzDO build record

Release 3965

30 May 09:27
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This update bumps version scheme and fully meets DCH driver isolation requirements.

This update addressed two issues:

  • Addressed the input lag issue for USB implementation.
  • Addressed the S3 wakeup malfunction/failure for SPI implementation.

Release 3835

10 Sep 14:35
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  • More support for MacBook Air 2020 (#321)

Release 3826

19 Jun 18:54
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  • Added support for 2020 MacBook family (#308, #295.)

Release 3805

27 Feb 03:51
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  • Addressed dead zone touch problems with MacBook Pro 15/16inch models with T2 coprocessor (#242).

Build 3768

16 Jan 19:57
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Drivers are now Microsoft attestation signed! So you can install it without disabling Secure Boot.

  • Added support for a few 16-inch MacBook Pro and MacBook Air 2011/2012. The 16-inch support comes with a known deadzone.
  • Starting from this version, only user distribution packages are attached in release. To retrieve debug symbols, check AzDevOps artifacts.

Build 3665

21 Oct 09:13
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  • All drivers are merged into a single distribution package to improve the installation experience.
  • Partially mitigated the SPI trackpad S3 resume with some possible side-effects.

Note: drivers are re-released to eliminate the confusion of multiple build paths. To retrieve build symbols for debugging, check AzDevOps artifacts.

Build 3656

09 Oct 21:22
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  • Added a generic fallback for all known Apple T2-based devices. Experience might not be optimal for a few devices due to the lack of calibration data, please open a issue if you encountered problems such as dead touch regions.

Build 3561

28 Aug 05:12
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Build 3561 Pre-release
  • Mitigated (not yet fully addressed) random touch rejection for Magic Trackpad 2: should address issues in #212, #170, #166, #163, #161, #94, #38, #37 and #83. I would like to thank @rikumi and @CFSO6459 for reporting as well as endorsing my project. :)
  • Addressed an issue which a subset of T2 devices was unexpectedly declared in the um driver.

Build 3544

05 Aug 22:52
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Build 3544 Pre-release
  • Addressed significant memory leaks for SPI trackpads
  • Improved synchronization mechanism for SPI trackpads