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GE for SEA Github Project


Please read the official announcement about the project at our website here:

Our official project Discord, where you can ask questions about the project or submit feedback/suggestions, is here:

You can also submit feedback about in-game text to the #translation-feedback channel of the general Granado Espada SEA community Discord server here:

Make sure to read our FAQ and Instructions for Contributors PDF (included in this repository) for more information!

Thank you!

Intellectual Property Rights Ownership

Please be aware that the Intellectual Property Rights of the following, including, but not limited to, belong to IMC Games Co., Ltd: The names of any characters, NPCs, places, scenes, things, events, short phrases, short sayings and the likes that are set forth in Granado Espada, as well as any translations or contributions from our contributors.

                              ⓒ IMCGAMES CO., LTD. All Rights Reserved.