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hexo-generator-type2 is a hexo plugin to generate pagination page for other page type

Fix hexo-generator-type bug.

install plugin

npm install --save hexo-generator-type2

config page type in _config.yml

  - blog
  - theme

hen hexo load this plugin, it will auto register generator for hexo.config.types like this code below

hexo.extend.generator.register('blog', build('blog'));
hexo.extend.generator.register('theme', build('theme'));

more detail please read sourcecode, it's simple

write page in the same layout

create blog.swig file in layout dir

write anything you like in the template file

create page blog/ in source dir

the content as follow

title: test blog page
layout: blog
this is a blog test page

hexo generate

run hexo generate and this plugin will create pagination for you auto.