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The aim of this project is was a place for me to learn some JavaScript. Feel free to fork and make your own. I will accept pull requests.


This project operates under the W3C's Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct:

W3C is a growing and global community where participants choose to work together, and in that process experience differences in language, location, nationality, and experience. In such a diverse environment, misunderstandings and disagreements happen, which in most cases can be resolved informally. In rare cases, however, behavior can intimidate, harass, or otherwise disrupt one or more people in the community, which W3C will not tolerate.

A Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct is useful to define accepted and acceptable behaviors and to promote high standards of professional practice. It also provides a benchmark for self evaluation and acts as a vehicle for better identity of the organization.

We hope that our community group act according to these guidelines, and that participants hold each other to these high standards. If you have any questions or are worried that the code isn't being followed, please contact the owner of the repository.

Submitting bugs

You can report issues directly on Github, that would be a really useful contribution given that we lack some user testing on the project. Please document as much as possible the steps to reproduce your problem (even better with screenshots).