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Blueprint for liquid organizations
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Lýd - Blueprint for liquid organizations

lýð- /ˈliːð-/ from Icelandic, "people" (or related with). lýður: public, popular; lýðræði: democracy.

Welcome to Lýd, an open concept about human communication and organization. It is alive and feed with real experience.

This project is open to anyone willing to contribute. Feel free to fork and pull request any idea, improvement, etc.

Your current organization is probably using something similar. Test what you are not using and report back. Contribute with your own experience.

Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported.

Warning: This repository is not intended to host source code nor texts for a brainy book. It will host a best-effort attempt to explain in simplest terms how to organize a grassroots organization and its requirements.

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