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AWS Autoscaling Automation

This project contains three parts:

  1. A Python/Flask application with a single endpoint to generate load
  2. A Packer manifest to build a custom AMI containing the app above
  3. Terraform scripts to build the AWS infrastructure


Get Started

  1. Set required environment variables AWS_ACCESS_KEY and AWS_SECRET_KEY
  2. Run

When completed, you can test autoscaling by hitting the endpoint continuously:

$  watch -n 5 curl 'http://YOUR_ELB_ADDRESS/killme'

Due to the grace period after creation, it is recommended to wait at least 5 min prior to autoscaling.

You can also change the CPU usage and length of time by using the query parameters usage and time, respectively. i.e.

$  curl 'http://YOUR_ELB_ADDRESS/killme?usage=0.99&time=20'

Get Un-Started

To remove all AWS resources created by this project, destroy via Terraform:

$  cd infra
$  terraform destroy -auto-approve
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