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Steps to Run

  1. Fork this repo
  2. Enable Travis CI builds for the repo on https://travis-ci-org
  3. Create a personal access token at with the "repo" scope
  4. Enter required environment variables in Travis:
Variable Description Display Value in Build Log
GH_REPO Repo name in Github (username/repo) yes
GH_USER_NAME Github username yes
GH_USER_EMAIL Github email address yes
GH_TOKEN Github personal access token created in step 3 no
TF_VAR_access_key AWS access key no
TF_VAR_secret_key AWS secret key no
TF_VAR_subnet_id Subnet to deploy to yes
TF_VAR_vpc_id VPC to deploy to yes
  1. Push repo to Github
  2. ELB DNS will output at the end of the deployment script. The app may take a minute to show up due to ELB health checks.
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