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Debian Live - guest system for removable Debian Live media
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live-guest Debian package

* Functionality *

Live-guest enables a system to funtion as a hub for Debian Live
systems. You can connect a removable medium containing a Debian Live
system and have it automatically mounted as the home directory for
specially created "live-guest" user.

The main functionality is in the scripts /usr/share/live-guest/mount
and /usr/share/live-guest/unmount. The first script is triggered by a
udev rule and mounts the Debian Live system if no user is already
logged in. The the second script cleans up the system after logout.
It's also called by udev on device removal to clean up if not
everything was unmounted cleanly.

* Prerequisites *

  + Autologin has to be disabled in the login manager. This is done
    automatically if you install the package onto a Debian Live system.

  + pam_scripts has to be configured as an optional session PAM module 
    to run a script at the end of a user session. This script unmounts 
    the guest Debian Live system. Add the following line to your PAM 

    session     optional

    See Debian bug #670182 for a proposal configure this automatically.

* Custom scripts *

Live-guest has several hooks to plug in custom scripts:

   Executable scripts in these two directories are run with run-parts after
   everything is set up respectively before tear down. These directories are
   meant for add-on Debian packages.

   These directories are for hook scripts written by the local user.

All hook scripts get either "mount" or "unmount" as the first
argument. If the same scritp should be used in both cases the script
should be put into mount.d and just symlinked from unmount.d.

* Configuration *

Configuration variables can be customized in /etc/live-guest.d/. All
files ending in ".conf" in this directory will be source in alphabetic
order. Default values can be found in /usr/share/live-guest/defaults.

 -- Gaudenz Steinlin <>  Tue, 24 Apr 2012 16:31:02 +0200
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