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=== AwesomeEmail
AwesomeEmail enables you to send multipart mails which utilize layouts and inlined styles.
Also german umlauts will be replaced by html enities if you send html mails.
=== Usage
In your delivery methods you can use
layout "template_filename"
css "css_filename"
to define which layout should be used and which css file should be used to create inline styles
== Layout
Layouts in emails are not a problem anymore and are uses like normal Rails layout files.
The only limit is, that the layout file must be located in app/views/layouts/{mailername}
== CSS inlining
The cumulated style of each DOM element will be set as an style attribute when using css inlining.
#some-id { font-size:2em; }
.some-class { color:red; }
<p id="some-id" class="some-class">Hello World!</p>
will result in the following code:
<p id="some-id" class="some-class" style="color:red; font-size:2em;">Hello World!</p>
=== Dependencies
gems: rails 2.0.2, hpricot, csspool
=== ToDo
Tests, more Documentation
=== Installation
Put it in your vendor/plugins folder
Copyright (c) 2008 imedo GmbH, released under the MIT license