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The use of the pentesting-framework and/or its resources is complete responsibility of the end-user. Developers assume no liabiity and are not responsible for any misuse or damage caused by pentesting-framework. Some of your actions may be illegal and you can not use this software to test someone without written permission from person or company.


Installation method of psfconsole in your terminal.

bash <(curl -sL --install


Psfconsole requires following packages to run properly -

  • jq
  • php
  • curl
  • clang
  • git
  • subversion
  • python2
  • python3

Psf Commands

Console Commands

show     -   Command to displays option of a given type.
quit     -   Command to exit psfconsole instance.
clear    -   Command to clear screen.
help     -   Command to show help meunu.
search   -   Command to search available module.
banner   -   Command to shows a random banner.
history  -   Command to show command history.
version  -   Command to show the framework version.

Module Commands

use      -   Command to call existing modules.
list     -   Command to show available options
info     -   Command to information about modules.
back     -   Command to move back to main console.

Console Command Usages.

usage of show modules command in console.

psf > show modules

Usage: use with:<module>/<submodule>/handler


  use with:secure/hashes/handler

usage of quit command in console.

psf > quit
(>) Existing Psfconsole ...

usage of search command in console.

psf > search
Usage: search module:<module>
       search submodule:<submodule>

  search module:lookup
  search submodule:user

usage of history command in console.

psf > history
1  show modules
2  quit
3  search
4  history

Module Command Usages.

usage of use command in module.

psf > use with:secure/hashes/handler
(>) Using configured with:secure/hashes mode
psf use(program/secure/hashes) >

usage of info command in modules.

psf use(program/secure/hashes) > info

Name: hashes
Internet Required: not

  module to generate hashing algorithm.

usage of back command in module.

psf use(program/secure/hashes) > back
psf >

usage of list command in module.

psf use(program/secure/hashes) > list

(01) Md5sum
(02) Sha1sum
(03) Sha224sum
(04) Sha256sum
(05) Sha384sum
(06) Sha512sum
(07) Shasum
(08) Base64
(09) Base32


This pentesting-framework is maintained by the following person.

Im Geek

Im Geek

Contributors Creditors

Pentesting-Framework has a vibrant community of happy users and delightful contributors and creditors. Without all the time and help from our contributors, it wouldn't be so awesome.

Thank you so much!