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BPMN2 Visual Editor for Eclipse

NOTICE: This Github repo is now deprecated!

All work is now going on at

Installation and Introduction - installation instructions and how to run from the source! quick intro blog post.


Videos on vimeo to get started

Supported stencils

Most if not all of the stencils are supported. Full list is found in Supported stencils.

Enabling-disabling BPMN2 elements and attributes

Elements and attributes enablement can be configured at the project level (BPMN2 category at the Project preferences). Property page contains all the elements that BPMN2 editor will support.

Properties editor now supports properties with simple data types (string, boolean and integer). Advanced properties need special handling so these must be handwritten. Created a sample for ioSpecification. Also editor supports jBPM5 specific attributes, they are located under jBPM tab. Please note that properties editor is not finished yet so you can't see the effect of disabling attributes. Disabling elements works.

BPMN2 Project PreferencesBPMN2 Project Preferences

Simple properties ViewSimple properties View

Known limitations

  • Tweak colors for lines, connectors and background gradients (e.g. lane background gradient would become lighter, all lines dark gray).

Future Scope

For a full list of ideas for the future look at Future roadmap

Sample image of the BPMN2 Editor

Full-size Image

Bpmn2 Editor

Full-size Image

Bpmn2 Editor

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