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bastiensaquet and others added some commits Mar 8, 2016
@bastiensaquet bastiensaquet first commit for #436
(not finished)
@bastiensaquet bastiensaquet #436
(not complete)
@bastiensaquet bastiensaquet #436
add additional infos to elasticsearch
@bastiensaquet bastiensaquet #436
Add additional infos to the API
@bastiensaquet bastiensaquet #436
Add Validation to additional Infos
@bastiensaquet bastiensaquet Fix test error 9e67660
@bastiensaquet bastiensaquet ShareBean Refactoring: remove cycles (not complete) 42fa2e2
@bastiensaquet bastiensaquet #427
First draft invitation logic (not working...)
@bastiensaquet bastiensaquet #427
InvitationBusinessController written with tests (Integration with bean
must still be done)
@bastiensaquet bastiensaquet #427
To test
@bastiensaquet bastiensaquet Fix some bugs with invitations a8e65f3
@bastiensaquet bastiensaquet Fix bug for additionals informations 0dc6119
@bastiensaquet bastiensaquet #435
First implementation (not finished)
@bastiensaquet bastiensaquet #435
fix issues according to feedback
@bastiensaquet bastiensaquet #435
ready for test
@bastiensaquet bastiensaquet Move Configuration to logic f557e6d
@bastiensaquet bastiensaquet Replace levedb by mapsdb 6b1f41a
@bastiensaquet bastiensaquet create registrationBusinessController c1311db
@bastiensaquet bastiensaquet #426
Logic implemented
@bastiensaquet bastiensaquet #426
test added
@bastiensaquet bastiensaquet Refactor Registration to allow invitation for external users c3283e0
@bastiensaquet bastiensaquet Finalize registration and invitation 01eade8
@bastiensaquet bastiensaquet #434 2d94dd9
@bastiensaquet bastiensaquet Avoid creating albums when album are disabled f3a0799
@bastiensaquet bastiensaquet Remove j2j dependency to imeji logic ef51a13
@bastiensaquet bastiensaquet Removing dependency logic > presentation (not finished) 255a444
@bastiensaquet bastiensaquet Remove all dependency from logic to presentation e1c5741
@bastiensaquet bastiensaquet Fix bugs c54f3a3
@bastiensaquet bastiensaquet Remove propertybean c1a0a52
@bastiensaquet bastiensaquet Fixed compilation error a6f585a
@bastiensaquet bastiensaquet Remove dependencies logic -> rest and rest <-> presentation a9ef2ff
@bastiensaquet bastiensaquet Move help url from properties to config with new default value 0b269eb
@bastiensaquet bastiensaquet #476 73dc641
@bastiensaquet bastiensaquet Fix some typos e79b284
@bastiensaquet bastiensaquet #475 e671cc7
@bastiensaquet bastiensaquet #467 1a5cb9e
@natasab natasab Update
Changed non-functional license link
@bastiensaquet bastiensaquet #473 7c69ac3
@bastiensaquet bastiensaquet Merge branch 'develop' of into develop 9ab90f9
@bastiensaquet bastiensaquet #461 3e63773
@bastiensaquet bastiensaquet Add registration snippet 845ff96
@bastiensaquet bastiensaquet #477 dc8eca8
@bastiensaquet bastiensaquet #481 c56d081
@bastiensaquet bastiensaquet #478 ff6003a
@bastiensaquet bastiensaquet #479 5436efb
@bastiensaquet bastiensaquet #453 1a17bcf
@bastiensaquet bastiensaquet #452 e4e7c69
@bastiensaquet bastiensaquet #460 94d1458
@bastiensaquet bastiensaquet #483 a593770
@bastiensaquet bastiensaquet #483 35e5b83
@bastiensaquet bastiensaquet Add logger to create collection and create album 8e6b85d
@bastiensaquet bastiensaquet remove static definition of validators
improve exception logging
@bastiensaquet bastiensaquet Replace animatedgifencoder with imagemagick based implementation 788743b
@bastiensaquet bastiensaquet #489 e47864f
@bastiensaquet bastiensaquet #486 652b87b
@bastiensaquet bastiensaquet #487 5bf0fff
@bastiensaquet bastiensaquet #488 db6378c
@bastiensaquet bastiensaquet #480 d6be206
@bastiensaquet bastiensaquet Fix errors 28988ae
@bastiensaquet bastiensaquet Avoid logging by checking of logo authorization c7c0cbe
@bastiensaquet bastiensaquet #491
"redindex needed!"
@bastiensaquet bastiensaquet #496 e4c7b46
@bastiensaquet bastiensaquet #493 5a2a4c0
@bastiensaquet bastiensaquet #490 4d1b7d0
@bastiensaquet bastiensaquet #504 832be95
@bastiensaquet bastiensaquet #435 31a6432
@bastiensaquet bastiensaquet #435
add last changes
@bastiensaquet bastiensaquet Fix problem with cancel invitation bdcb4d8
@bastiensaquet bastiensaquet #506 eca254e
@bastiensaquet bastiensaquet #508 beec107
@bastiensaquet bastiensaquet #495
not finished: avoid to loose metadata when an error occurs
@bastiensaquet bastiensaquet #495 f48bf7e
@bastiensaquet bastiensaquet Code cleanup c58dc2f
@bastiensaquet bastiensaquet Userbean: fix logging issues 62942c0
@bastiensaquet bastiensaquet #502 98125b8
@bastiensaquet bastiensaquet Refactoring of dependencies 1b1d559
@bastiensaquet bastiensaquet Fix test errors b75f241
@bastiensaquet bastiensaquet new labels for share page e0f2316
@bastiensaquet bastiensaquet Some code formmatting 44079cf
@bastiensaquet bastiensaquet Clean code + fix performance issue by reading list of users b56a3eb
@bastiensaquet bastiensaquet Fix problem on share page due to previous optimization 49d19ae
@bastiensaquet bastiensaquet Fix issues with invitation 8cea71b
@bastiensaquet bastiensaquet Hide html5 placeholde on focus 5f5e519
@bastiensaquet bastiensaquet make placeholder smaller and don't remove placeholder on focus to html5
@bastiensaquet bastiensaquet #510 b28c5df
@bastiensaquet bastiensaquet #511 c4a4a2d
@bastiensaquet bastiensaquet #512 b3ded26
@bastiensaquet bastiensaquet #500 3c0ef34
@bastiensaquet bastiensaquet #512 4e6aaeb
@bastiensaquet bastiensaquet #513 6919bc5
@bastiensaquet bastiensaquet merged commit 90023d4 into imeji-community:develop May 12, 2016
ioverka commented May 12, 2016

fast your seat bells... imeji 3.4 on the verge! 🎉


🙏 /play rimshot

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