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Apache OpenWhisk runtime for Ballerina
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Apache OpenWhisk Runtime for Ballerina

This repository contains the Ballerina runtime extension for Apache OpenWhisk serverless platform.


The following prerequisites are needed to try this out:

Quick Start Guide

  1. Install OpenWhisk using Vagrant:

    # Clone OpenWhisk git repository
    git clone --depth=1 openwhisk
    # Switch the directory to tools/vagrant
    cd openwhisk/tools/vagrant
    # Start OpenWhisk instance
    vagrant up
  2. Install OpenWhisk CLI by following it's installation guide:

  3. Create a Ballerina function file with the following content and name it as hello-function.bal:

    function main (string[] args) {
       var output = { "hello": "world!" };
  4. Create an OpenWhisk action for the above Ballerina function using the OpenWhisk CLI:

    wsk action create hello-function hello-function.bal --docker imesh/ballerina-action
  5. Invoke the hello-function using the OpenWhisk CLI:

    wsk action invoke hello-function --result
        "hello": "world!"
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