fiche-golang is a simple golang version of fiche. Allow you paste everything to use cat file.[png|txt|jpg] | nc 9999
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fiche-golang is a command line pastebin for sharing terminal output. inspired by fiche.

New Features

Old fiche only support txt file, fiche-golang support lots of file format and will auto add extension. for example:


➜  /tmp cat simple_jpg.jpg| nc 9999
➜  /tmp curl



➜  /tmp cat simple_jpg.jpg| nc 9999

and click you'll see the image.

Client-side usage

for example, use public server

echo "I will always love you" | nc 9999

you could get an url to your paste as a response. e.g.:

Server-side useage


  1. Clone
git clone
  1. build
go build main.go


Usage of ./paste_server:
  -dir string
        directory (default "/tmp")
  -host string
        bind ip (default "")
  -port string
        http listen port (default "9999")
  -prefix string
        prefix of saved file,eg: (default "")

for example, I want to run a public fiche server with prefix and store data in /data/fiche_data/, command below.

./paste_server --prefix --dir /data/fiche_data --host ""

Example nginx config

Add a built-in server for fiche-golang is simple, try to add it yourself or use nginx to server the file. here is an example.

server {
    listen 80;
    charset utf-8;

    location / {
            root /data/fiche_data/;
            index index.txt index.html;

Fiche has no http server built-in, thus you need to setup one if you want to make files available through http.


if you are using amd 64 Linux, you can download and run directly.


  • Build executable for common platform
  • Add ipv6 support.
  • Add a systemd example
  • Add a dockerfile
  • Maybe add more options such as white-list etc..
  • Maybe I should limit file size to avoid memory leak.‰‰‰